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There is no better way to discover Romania than through a holiday spent at the wheel of the car. Rent a car once you touch the Romanian land and do not miss a single moment, because stories here can be said briefly. In all regions of Romania touristic attractions there and the food is downright delicious, so the best way to know is to start a journey from its center ..






There are many places to visit in Transylvania and it would take a few years to know them all, but there are several points of interest in this central region surrounded by the Carpathian Mountains, which absolutely no tourist should miss. This beautiful region is known and appreciated internationally for its medieval towns, authentic Romanian villages, ski resorts, health resorts, hotels and diversity firsthand nightclub larger cities: Cluj-Napoca, Brasov and Sibiu.





Britain’s Prince Charles himself Transylvania visit several times a year. He was the owner of Viscri village houses located in the heart of Romania and an apple orchard in Malancrav, Transylvania and is an outspoken supporter of restoring the old Saxon villages in Transylvania.




Start your hike in Brasov, Bran Castle visiting the town of the same name, for many known as Dracula’s Castle, the alleged home of Vlad the Impaler, the ruler who inspired the Dracula legend. Also, do not miss Peles Castle, built extravagant summer residence in the foothills Bucegi in Sinaia for King Carol I of Romania.




Then continue your way to Sighisoara, considered today to be the most beautiful inhabited medieval citadel in the world. At the base of a Roman town, Sighisoara is located in a fortified citadel placed on top of a hill, secret catacombs, a clock tower from the 14th century house where Prince Vlad Tepes lived.




Do not miss: Sibiu, Cluj-Napoca or Biertan with its fortified church from the 15th century ecclesiastical complex built on a hill in the middle of the commune.



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Moldova and Bucovina are also key areas for any tourist. Road that connects Bucharest province in northeastern Romania is new and perfect for a trip to the steering wheel. Enjoy your trip and discover a beautiful wooded and hilly region, dotted by numerous monasteries in abundance that carries the exterior frescoes masterfully executed an entire history




Do not miss: Moldovan wines, Painted Churches (Sucevita, Humor, Dragomirna, Moldova, Putna etc.) Gorge Gorge and delicious specialty food area of ​​Moldova.


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The Danube Delta


Not everyone knows the uniqueness of the Danube Delta in Europe. Before flowing into the Black Sea, the Danube delta form the best preserved on the continent. Located in the eastern part of the country, on the border with Ukraine and Moldova, Delta hosts hundreds of species of birds, fish and other animals that find here a natural habitat.




Do not miss: a visit to Saint George, a boat ride on the Delta for channels, a fish soup and a dip at the confluence of the river with the sea.



Info: the best route to get to Saint George is by car and then by boat from Tulcea. You can rent a car in Bucharest.

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